Why Investing in Punta Cana is one of the safest, secure and lucrative investments in the world


Owning a small piece of paradise in the Caribbean might be a dream for most investors. With Punta Cana being one of the major tourist destinations within the Dominican Republic, tropical enthusiasts seeking to invest in real estate at an exceptional value, should consider beautiful Punta Cana. Known for its impeccable climate, white sandy beaches, lush coconut palm trees and clear turquoise waters, Punta Cana can prove to be a tropical paradise that is both irresistible and profitable.


“The love affair with Punta Cana begins when people arrive. The airport is beautiful; the land surrounding the airport is beautiful. This is a perfect place for a vacation, for second homes”. -Julio Iglesia, notable Spanish recording artist, who calls Los Corales home. (Gupta and Gupta 2)


Tourist Numbers


With more than five million tourist visits annually, The Dominican Republic is the number one destination with respect to tourism. Punta Cana has about fifty miles of beaches, which offer a wide range of features that attract large numbers of tourists. In addition, visitors to the region seek additional services such as swimming pools, water sports, restaurants, casinos, golf courses, and spas, to name a few.


Recently, more emphasis in regards to tourism potential has increased the amount of travelers worldwide that visit these regions. Many visit especially for its reputation as an all-inclusive resort destination. Annual projections show an 8% tourist growth in Dominican Republic. The attractiveness of Punta Cana as an investment stems from the partnership between the public and the private sectors, which has worked to facilitate tourist experiences and increase the region’s preference among the growing influx of foreign tourists. Consequently, the area offers lucrative and plentiful opportunities for would be investors, given the government’s concerted efforts to increase the country’s investment potential for investment by foreign interests.


Infrastructural Development


Additional incentives for investments in Punta Cana are attributable to the construction of a high-speed highway, connecting the tourist hub with La Romana. This decision has cut travel time in half. The heavy investment also serves as a connection between major airports on the east and south coasts. The landmark infrastructure construction increases the affinity of the region to tourist visits, offering a quick and fast getaway for many visitors. Furthermore, real estate property owners targeting the thriving tourist market stand to benefit the most from this long overdue development.


 The added comfort for visitors with regard to travel to other tourist attractions, for example, Santo Domingo, while enjoying the magnificent scenic beauty offered by the highway, makes the real estate industry in this area, a highly lucrative choice for investors.


Political Stability


Dominican Republic is a representative democracy, which is open to foreign investment as part of its aim to cooperate with the private sector to grow its economy. According to the FCO, the country offers a very low terrorism threat, which is usually a major concern for investors, especially in this day and age of rising global risk to terrorist attack. More importantly, the economy has had major transformations, favoring greater investment, especially with the rise in the service segment of the economy to 35%! In addition, government interference in emerging markets has been reduced. Dominican Republic has a free market with no price controls, capitalized government-owned enterprises, and linearization of the country’s exchange rates. In addition, the tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, while inflation remains in stable, single digit levels.


Political Investment Potential


 The investment potential of the Dominican Republic, and more importantly that of the Punta Cana region are proven via the success of foreign investment. For instance, real estate tourism has been the reason for a multimillion-dollar deal involving several high profile investors. As a luxurious community within Punta Cana, Cap Cana demonstrates its potential as an investment destination for many investors, particularly for investors wishing to explore real estate targeting tourism. Cap Cana has around 300,000 acres of land, and villas available for sale beginning in the $750,000. Punta Cana remains a major area of interest for vocational development projects, given its vastness, scenic beauty, exclusiveness, and cheap beachfront property that are irresistible to foreign tourist real estate developers. In other studies Dominican Republic has been ranked favorably with regard to value for money.




The investment potential in Punta Cana is unquestionable. Major investors are investing in products to serve specific tourist interests all over the globe. In this regard, Punta Cana offers the appropriate combination of factors to attract investors interested in investing in the available and ever growing tourism on the Dominican beaches. Hundreds of thousands of beachfront property are available for buyers, and the matching infrastructural improvements are in place to ensure tourists keep streaming to the famed tourist hub. Foreign real estate investors have already made inroads into the country’s lucrative real estate market and have capitalized on great profits.


In comparison to other investment destinations in the world, Punta Cana offers cheaper prices and the right economic climate to ensure the business runs steadily throughout the year. Possible investment interests for would be investors are available in areas such as restaurants, spas, water sports, casinos, and many other tourist geared attractions. The economic climate is equally accommodating, while the government invests heavily on infrastructure to ensure the country’s tourism sector stays above the neighboring competitors. All these factors demonstrate why Punta Cana is one of the most secure and lucrative investment destinations in the world.


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